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Features and Roadmap



  • REVO Support (it's prepared but I can't publish yet)
  • HIC Support
  • EVA 3.0 ❓

EVA 2.4.0

  • Nova Hotend support
  • BMO Hotend support
  • Rapido Hotend support
  • LGX Lite support
  • Sherpa Extruder Support
  • Additional/improved Cooling (TriHorn Duct)

EVA 2.3.0

  • Bondtech LGX Support
  • Slice Engineering Copperhead support
  • Additional variants of Horns Ducts 2.1
  • Box BOM management system in the documentation
  • Split Hotends from drives (easier maintenence)
  • Add belt slots in the universal front

EVA 2.2.0

  • Orbiter Support
  • MGN12H Support
  • Double side endstops
  • Openbuilds microswitch support

EVA 2.1.0

  • Dragon Support
  • Universal Front
  • 3-point hotend mounting
  • Mosquito 40mm fan mount

EVA 2.0.0

  • Belt path change and front belt mounting
  • Revamped repository organisation
  • Shrouds!
  • Modular endstops
  • Additional cable paths
  • Horns Ducts 2.1
  • Redesigned probe mounts

Dropped ideas

  • Duet Toolboard support (possibly for contrib)
  • Bondtech LGX FFS Support (non-FFS was added in 2.3.0)


It's a standard

If a printer is "EVA Compatible" then it's automatically compatible with everything that comes with EVA - hotends, drives, endstops, bed probes. A printer can lock to a specific EVA version and update when the change is sigificant enough while the users can follow updates at a faster pace.

Universal Front

EVA allows you to quickly swap a hotend without fiddling with the belts. Only 6-7 easily accessible screws need to be undone to take the hotend of the carriage to change it or for maintenance purposes.

Hotends compatible with universal front are: V6, Mosquito and Dragon (Copperhead and others are incoming).



EVA supports different extrusion options - Titan, BMG (and BMG-M), Orbiter are mounted on the top and are compatible with all available hotends.



EVA can be mounted on printers with CoreXY, Cartesian and IDEX motion systems.


MGN carriages

EVA can be mounted on MGN12C and MGN12H carriages. MGN15C support was dropped in 2.4.0.


Bed probing

EVA comes with a defined place for 2 point probe mounting. That enables it to handle many probing solutions. BL-Touch, Inductive probes and Duet Mini IR probe (work in progress) are supported "out-of-the-box".