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As I don't expect this one to be used much on CoreXY machines it will come handy for some V-casts or cantilever printers. EVA 2 / Bowden is built with the base parts of EVA that are later on "remixed" to achieve different drive types.

  • used by: 0.00 % (based on 2021-11 survey)
  • EVA spec: 2.4.0
  • authors: pkucmus
  • official

Mosquito, Dragon and V6 (clones) that do not have the PTFE grabbing collar do need a PC4-M6 "pneumatic fitting" on the hot end side to grab the bowden tube. The parts do not have threads but the hole size allows for self-tapping.

Make sure to get the connector that allows the bowden to go through it:

Universal EVA Front

This drive uses the universal face, which means it's compatible with all hotends you can find in the Hotends section.

Bill of materials

PTFE Tube lengths

I have split the lengths into two, the drive side and the hotend side. You need to sum the two lenghts from this and the hotend BOM you'd be using. (preferrably get more PTFE)

Do not cut the PTFE into two pieces

Item Quantity Name Printable
1 1.0 top_mgn12 yes
2 2.0 DIN 912 M3 35 mm no
3 4.0 DIN 912 M3 10 mm no
4 1.0 back_corexy yes
5 2.0 tension_slider_9mm_belt_M5 yes
6 21.0 M3 Hex nut no
7 1.0 DIN 912 M3 25 mm no
8 2.0 DIN 912 M5 45 mm no
9 2.0 M5 Hex nut Nyloc no
10 1.0 5015 fan no
11 1.0 bottom_mgn12_short_duct yes
12 5.0 DIN 912 M3 12 mm no
13 2.0 DIN 912 M3 35 mm no
14 1.0 TriHorn Duct Default yes
15 1.0 cable_holder yes
16 1.0 unversal_cable_mount yes
17 2.0 DIN 912 M3 10 mm no
18 1.0 PC4-M6 no
19 1.0 universal_face yes
20 2.0 face_belt_grabber yes
21 4.0 DIN 912 M3 8 mm no

STEP files? CAD Link?

If you are looking for the CAD link to tamper with the design or to export the parts in formats other than STL you can find the links bellow.
Be warned though! The link directs to a live - bleeding edge - version of this particular EVA module - there is no promise it will be the same version as what you see above nor does it have to be the version Rat Rig provides.

I understand, please give me the link