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The BOM will define a sum of the part for all variants, you only need one printed part and one probe.

Bill of materials

Item Quantity Name Printable
1 1.0 LJ8_probe_mount yes
2 1.0 LJ8 Probe no
3 1.0 LJ12_probe_mount yes
4 1.0 LJ12 Probe no
5 1.0 LJ18_probe_mount yes
6 1.0 LJ18 Probe no

STEP files? CAD Link?

If you are looking for the CAD link to tamper with the design or to export the parts in formats other than STL you can find the links bellow.
Be warned though! The link directs to a live - bleeding edge - version of this particular EVA module - there is no promise it will be the same version as what you see above nor does it have to be the version Rat Rig provides.

I understand, please give me the link