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EVA 2.4.2


EVA is a carriage platform for MGN rail based printers. The main goal is to support what people may have laying around or have easy access to. EVA is trying to implement that goal.

The specification is described in a separate EVA / Spec document.


The whole package can be downloaded as a ZIP package, otherwise you can navigate to the the specific drive, hotend or addon page and download files from there.



Big thanks to the users - one example is that only thanks to your donations the Mosquito parts were possible.

If you want to support the project or just buy me coffee you can

In a huge part the project exists thatks to Rat Rig - they help me out with screws and nuts but also hotends and boards:

Please go and buy something from them 😄


Issues, problems, feature requests, requests for compatibility with different printers can be requested in the project's issue tracker.


One does not need a keen eye to see that this design is based on many different designs that are out in the wild - although all the parts here are made from scratch - their authors deserve credit (their work provided inspiration):

The following people deserve special credit for their amazing work - making some of the parts, providing guidance, testing parts, keeping me in check. Their input was a huge help so please do me a favor and check out their work:



For Rat Rig V-core Pro the Easy Mod is required to change the X and Y rail orientation.

EVA is now officially used by Rat Rig in their products 🎉 :


If you need a more direct contact I'm (McAbra#1650) on the Rat Rig Unofficial Discord Server along with many awesome people that will surely help 😄


Here is my email but please be advised if you seek support I am unable to provide it via email. Support questions should be asked in Discord.